Every failure is a step to success.

    William Whewell


    • February 7, 2019:
      • Improvements to Transfer Records Request report
    • January 11, 2019:
      • Can now override session completion date
      • Bug-fixes to award points/finalize components page
    • October 23, 2018:
      • Updates
        • Events - Combined Award Points and Finalize Components into a single page
        • Events - Created placeholder for Completion Date
        • IPLP - Fixed entity auto-select
        • Reports - Adjusted database to correct Survey 5 events that were added after June 30 for SY 18
      • Functionality
        • Awarding points is combined into a single page (Award Points) with multiple tabs. Award Points for each task and finalize components from a single page.
        • Completion Date container has been added in preparation for further enhancements
        • IPLP was incorrectly identifying the top-level entity (district in most cases). Fixed to allow selection if user belongs to more than one entity.
        • Reports for Survey 5 dates were adjusted to include all points awarded after June 30 when the points were finalized after June 30 for SY 18